World Clocks

Wish they still made these...

Kenwood Digital World Clock HC-10 (x3)

The Kenwood HC-10 digital clock will be a welcome addition to your radio shack. This quartz based digital world clock has a dual 24 hour display. It shows local time and the time in ten preprogrammed plus two programmable time zones. Time accuracy is 10 seconds/month. A must have for any Kenwood aficionado. Gotta have one for each radio!

Yaesu QTR-24D World Clock

This functions pretty much the same as the one below, but has a much nicer case in my opinion. The white face makes it easier to read at a distance. The airplane on the second hand really adds to the cool factor on this old timer.

Yaesu QTR-24 World Clock

The QTR-24 is a 12 and 24 hour format clock which was made around 40 years ago. Normal clock movement (hours, minutes, seconds) on this unique timekeeping device is represented in the classical 12 hour format, while an outer ring depicts time in a 24 hour format. Furthermore, the first 12 hours are shown in white to depict daylight and the other 12 in black. As the name suggests, the QTR-24 World Clock also features a world time read out. Of course, the current name and format for world time, something us DXers talk about all the time and refer to on QSL cards, logging programs, clusters and the like, is called Universal Time Coordinate (UTC). It’s also been known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the military term ZULU (Z). All world time on the QTR-24 is represented in a 24-hour format based upon the global starting point in Greenwich, England (UK)..

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