Audio Processing Gear

The Mighty Symetrix 528E (x2)

The 528E is a complete, self-contained voice processor, that performs six separate functions. In addition to a microphone preamp, the unit performs de-essing, compression/limiting (with sidechain input), downward expansion, voice symmetry alignment and the signal can be sculpted with parametric EQ. Separate LED meters monitor microphone gain and dynamics gain reduction functions. The preamp's gain is variable up to 60dB, and 48-volt phantom power is provided for use with condenser microphones. The de-esser senses and regulates selectable high frequencies to reduce or eliminate annoying sibilance and "lip smacking". The compressor/limiter maintains uniform levels while the downward expander eliminates "pumping," "breathing," and noise build up. The three band parametric EQ performs both creative and corrective operations, with bandwidth variable from 1/3 octave to 4 octaves, 15 dB boost/cut, and overlapping frequency ranges. The voice symmetry switch of the 528E corrects for excessive positive or negative signal peaks of the human voice.

I really like this as an all in one unit that always sounds great. It is extremely clean sounding and easy to use.

Valley Audio 401

Mic pre/EQ/compressor/expander/gate that's been highly popular in broadcast and voice-over applications for years. Has that Valley Audio dynamics flavor that's prized in many recording studios.

AirCorp Pro Announcer PH-500

The Pro Announcer PH-500 microphone processor has a compressor/expander, three band equalizer, de-eSSer, noise gate, and phantom power making it one of the best "on air" mic processors around.

AirCorp is no longer around, making them desirable and hard to find.
Used predominantly in AM & FM broadcasting studios,
when paired up with a good quality microphone,
you'll almost always have good audio.

Click HERE to read a review about the Pro Announcer PH-500

Click HERE for the (really hard to find) PH-500 user manual.

Aphex 204 "Big Bottom" Aural Exciter (x2)

The Optical Big Bottom adds deep, powerful low-frequency punch, without the unwanted level boost that comes from adding traditional EQ. Deeper, more resonant bass response with tighter articulation helps to extend low frequency power and spectrum without the build-up or driver-damaging tendencies of bass EQ.

I use this when I want to add some bottom end to my transmitted audio.

Radial ProDI™ Passive Direct Box (x4)

The Radial ProDI is a passive direct box that combines exceptional audio performance with solid dependable construction, making it the ideal general duty direct box for stage and studio. The heart of the ProDI is a custom wound Radial transformer. It features an exceptionally high 140kΩ input impedance to reduce loading while enabling the ProDI to handle extreme signal levels at all frequencies without distortion. This is further improved upon with an internal MuMETAL® shield to protect against electromagnetic fields that can cause unshielded transformers to distort.

I use one of these between the rack output and mic input of the radio. It is a must for anyone using enhanced audio.

Behringer DEQ2496 Digital

The ULTRA-CURVE PRO DEQ2496 is an ultra high-precision digital 24-bit/96 kHz EQ/RTA mastering processor. Its extremely high audio performance makes it ideal for audiophile mastering and PA purposes. There are 4 concurrently selectable EQ modules (31-band graphic EQ, 10-band parametric EQ, Feedback Destroyer and three dynamic EQs per channel). Another highlight is the additional 61-band RTA that can run simultaneously with the EQ section. The DEQ2496 features high-quality AKM® 24-bit/96 kHz A/D and D/A converters and two high-performance 32/40-bit floating-point SHARC® digital signal processors for ultimate sonic resolution and 113 dB dynamic range. There are also multi-functional level meters (peak/RMS, VU and SPL meter with dBA/dBC weighting via RTA mic input) plus 64 user memories for complete setups and/or individual module configurations.

I no longer use this EQ after I realized how good the Symetrix 528e sounds on it's own.

DBX-231S 31 band equalizer

1/3-octave Constant Q frequency bands
Switchable boost/cut ranges of +/-6 or +/-12dB
12dB/octave 50Hz low-cut filter
Front panel bypass switch
+/-12dB input gain range
4-segment LED ladders for monitoring output level
XLR and TRS inputs and outputs
Frequency response of <10Hz to >50kHz
Dynamic range of greater than 108dB

I no longer use this EQ after I realized how good the Symetrix 528e sounds on it's own.

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